Gerbi CMS enable you to create and administrate hierarchical pages in a simple and powerful way.

Gerbi CMS is based around a placeholders concept. A placeholder is a template tag that you can use in your page’s templates. Every time you add a placeholder in your template a field dynamically appears in the page admin.

The project code repository is found at this address:


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  • Automatic creation of localized placeholders (content area) in admin by adding placeholders tags into page templates.

  • Django admin application integration.

  • Multilingual support.

  • Inline editing.

  • Media Library.

  • Revisions.

  • Plugin for page content export and import in JSON files within the admin interface

  • Plugin for page content export and import in PO format for translations

  • Search indexation with Django haystack.

  • Advanced rights management (publisher, language manager).

  • Rich Text Editors are directly available.

  • Page can be moved in the tree in a visual way (drag & drop + simple click).

  • The tree can be expanded/collapsed. A cookie remember your preferences.

  • Possibility to specify a different page URL for each language.

  • Directory-like page hierarchy (page can have the same name if they are not in the same directory).

  • Every page can have multiple alias URLs. It’s especially useful to migrate websites.

  • Possibility to integrate 3th party apps.

  • Image placeholder.

  • Support for future publication start/end date.

  • Page redirection to another page or arbirtrary URLs.

  • Page tagging.

  • Sites framework

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This application is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Russian and Hebrew.

We use transifex